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New Apple TV is here: full details

We’ve presently got last valuing for the UK form of the new gadget. The 32GB unit is at a bargain for £129 and the twofold estimated 64GB form is doing the rounds for £169.

With 4K rivalry for the set-top box crown from any semblance of the new Amazon Fire TV and Nvidia’s SHIELD, the new Apple TV has a battle on its unfalteringly HD hands.

We’ve been hanging tight for a legitimate continuation of the first Apple TV for a considerable length of time, with just generally minor, iterative redesigns filling the mediating years. In any case, 2015 is the year for the fourth era of Apple’s modest spilling box to at long last hit our parlors and we’re frantic to get our hands on it.

The possibility of another Apple TV was dangled before us preceding the WWDC occasion prior this year. It was especially irking to have decisively nothing to appear for our fervor subsequent to hearing everything about Apple Music, iOS 9 and El Capitan – particularly as the WWDC welcome seemed to show a suspiciously Apple TV-shape at its heart.

Be that as it may, with the Apple reporting the new box on September 9 we’ve at last got a fresh out of the plastic new Apple TV.


Cost: £129 32GB, £169 64GB


The Apple TV originally showed up in January 2007 – that makes it more established than the iPhone, yet the gadget has consistently felt like something of a bit of hindsight to the extent the Cupertino organization is concerned. Significant updates came in September 2010, March 2012 and January 2013, however we haven’t seen any noteworthy equipment redesigns since.

It’s a gadget planned for making spilling video substance direct to your TV as simple and evident as the entirety of Apple’s gadget structure decisions. The new gadget is said to be a substantially more dominant box, running Apple’s A8 processor, and accompanies either 32GB or 64GB of interior stockpiling.

While the present Apple TV is an unadulterated gushing gadget the additional capacity of the new gadget is there on the grounds that Apple is asserting “the eventual fate of TV is applications.” But you’ll likewise require all that space for the games the new App Store will offer.


This is most likely the greatest single change with the most recent variant of the Apple TV – the consideration of an adjusted form of Apple’s most recent versatile working framework: iOS 9.

The Apple TV programming gets another name: tvOS. Just as being founded on iOS 9 it will likewise get from the El Capitan, the most recent form of the OSX working framework.

With iOS being adjusted to the Apple TV gadget it implies there is a large group of applications instant for the small gushing box. All the current huge substance streamers have iOS applications effectively out there and with the enormous hitters chipping away at tvOS applications – Periscope has been outed as one of the first – we anticipate that many should make an interpretation of effectively to the bigger size of an extra large flat screen television.

There might be trouble with some explicitly portable applications, for example, Sky Go, where it doesn’t permit the yielding of substance onto a different gadget. So don’t expect all your preferred iOS applications to have the option to make the voyage over to the new Apple TV’s tvOS arrangement.

Obviously one of the allies of iOS is the Siri individual right hand and, with the new remote control plan, we’ll have the option to talk away to our Apple TV without getting hindered in content menu after content menu any longer.

This incredible new element will permit Siri and iOS 9 to dig into introduced applications and criticism with what substance they bring to the table. Get some information about viewing another motion picture and she will nip off and track it down in the spilling applications you approach just as discovering it inside the iTunes store as well.

You’ll likewise have the option to look by entertainer or executive, just as other focused on searches, for example, classification, and so on.

Shouldn’t something be said about APPLE’S LIVE TV VENTURE?

There has been a great deal of theory about Apple entering the spilling TV game itself, as opposed to absolutely supporting the gushing endeavors of others. It was accounted for the first disclosing was set to accomplice up with Apple Music at WWDC, yet the battle to nail down authorizing constrained Apple to drive the declaration back.

We don’t however expect there to be any report about Apple’s TV gushing dare to support up the dispatch of the new Apple TV this time either, yet it would seem that the organization from Cupertino needs to in any event get the equipment out this year.

The thought for the spilling TV administration is to enable you to package together channels you need and have them gushed legitimately to your Apple gadget rather than paying out for several channels, the vast majority of which you’ll never need to watch.

With Apple allegedly needing a 30% cut from the substance suppliers getting this past the systems is the enormous test.

The TV spilling substance has been held up while arrangements are hit with the enormous US TV systems – Fox, CBS and NBC – and it would seem that a 2016 dispatch is almost certain. In spite of the fact that there might be a noteworthy postponement for us UK-based society as it would appear that all the legitimate exertion is going into getting the US organizes ready.

In any case, with the accomplishment of Apple Music and its bespoke substance, in both radio and video structures, it wouldn’t be past the domains of plausibility for Apple to go all Netflix/Amazon and start creating its own TV appears and even motion pictures.


Another huge development for the new spilling box is the touch-delicate remote. The new remote control is this time shunning the exemplary aluminum tasteful for a dark methodology, more in accordance with how the Apple TV box itself looks.

Be that as it may, picture isn’t all that matters thus usefulness is ruler with the new control.

Just as the multi-contact touchpad there will likewise be physical controls on there as well – a conventional volume rocker just as a home button and another for awakening Siri.

That is not all however as we ought to likewise observe some Wii-esque movement controlling going on too some wavy-arm gaming as well.


All things considered, that is the arrangement. Apple is hoping to make games a significant selling point for the new Apple TV.

Obviously we don’t expect the following Fallout or Assassin’s Creed games to show up on the Apple TV – and don’t hope to stream games either – yet the easygoing gamer, who’s as of now been playing on their telephones and tablets, will be a distinct objective.

What’s more, with that Wiimote-style controller ability we may see some astounding Nintendo-esque games, similar to Beats Sport, turning out for the new Apple TV giving you a chance to wave your remote at your screen and game away from the solace of your couch.

There is likewise a fascinating cross stage edge to this as well – where you can purchase a game and it will be accessible crosswise over both your iPhone or iPad just as your Apple TV. Start playing a game on your route home from work and when you get in you can lift straight up where you left off on your new Apple TV. That is a significant reward in gaming terms.


This is the marginally precarious, however for the most part inescapable, some portion of the condition: cost. The present gadget is somewhat shy of £60, however as a fairly constrained, specialty gadget right now you can comprehend it relative inexpensiveness.

Enter the new Apple TV with a value beginning at £129. That will net you the 32GB variant, however there is additionally a second, 64GB form which will hamper you £169.

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