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Safety on your fingers now

Today in our site we are presenting about a beneficial app ” SOS Women Safety App “. This app ensures the safety of each individuals especially for women’s . This app will protect from all the urgency situation with keeping your life safe. The app developers mainly claims the protection of women from urgency circumstances through this app.

Now a days we all know about the cruelty and problems towards women are increasing . They have no safety and self reliance to go alone to anywhere. This issue can be avoided by using SOS women safety app. This app will surely provides those safety when they smell trouble.
Whenever your life is in trouble or you need help the app developers of women safety app advance you to rescue from the emergency situation by using SOS app. You can just tap the SOS button it will leads to an emergency SOS alert to the contact saved in the application.


It will reaches to the contact in the form of a SMS that informing you are in unsafe situation and you need protection. It shows the current GPS location with the detail of the user along with Google map links. This will help your trusted contact to identify the accurate location of the miserable person by getting the direction.

When this app is installed user should accept few permission in the application to send the SOS alert to the trusted contact. These permission allow the application for read contact ,perform call , send SMS and to get location detail.

From this all app developers tags that it adversely protects and safe your life. And enhances the confidences of each person to travel everywhere without any fear. Women safety app a avails the tips for women safety. Tips for escape from threats. laws related to women. There are several videos of self defense for the proper instance which establish h our security and courage

The advantages that reveals by app developers are this app can even work without internet. if internet is avail only low network is needed. It is mainly on SMS based so it is easy for the users to use and do not collect any user data in background.

There is no adds for better use of the users. These all are the peculiarity of this women safety app.App developers are not responsible for any misuse of this app. This app is only for the safety .
So don’t waste the time….! Download the app and ensure your safety……
Here it is available for you.


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