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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Best Android tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the best Android tablet yet

Motivations TO BUY


Quick and incredible


Great S Pen joining and precision


Decent slim plan


Extraordinary OLED screen for films


In-screen unique mark peruser

Motivations TO AVOID

Profitability simply isn’t comparable to iPad

Slight slack on S Pen

No earphone jack

Some odd One UI weaknesses

Welcome to our Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 survey, which sees whether Samsung’s most recent professional tablet has the might to take on the iPad.

The tablet world is presently a great deal like the prologue to an Asterix book, where the iPad is the Roman Empire, ruling all, and the Samsung’s tablets are a brave Gaul town holding out a corner.

The Tab S6 packs in a lot of intensity, incorporates a pen that joins to the tablet attractively and charges remotely, an in-screen unique mark peruser, and sticks with a 16:10 perspective proportion for the OLED show, which is extraordinary for motion pictures.

This is the first of Samsung’s star tablets to highlight the enhanced One UI overlay for Android as well, which was presented on the Samsung Galaxy S10 telephone.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 costs from £619 – that gets you 128GB of capacity. For £689, you can get 256GB. The two models have microSD cards for extending stockpiling economically.

You can get both of these limits with 4G support, in the event that you need greater availability in a hurry. The 128GB variant with 4G costs £689 RRP, while the 256GB form costs £759.

Those costs get you the tablet, however the S Pen stylus too – in the event that you go for any iPad or the Microsoft Surface Go, the pen is an extra for around £100.

There are two hues accessible: Mountain Gray and Rose Blush. Mountain Gray is more intriguing than your standard PC dark – it has a delicate blue sheen in many lights. We truly like it. Rose Blush is a pleasant darker, consumed pink – it’s likewise great looking.

The two adaptations appear to be identical from the front: a dark bezel with a wide screen in the center. The 5.7mm-thick structure feels svelte in the hand, and the bezels are quite little, giving it a light, convenient inclination generally. It’s strong and well-wrapped up.

On the back, you locate a double camera, and afterward the bit where the structure goes marginally off the rails: the pen dock.

There’s a capsule formed indent where the S Pen attractively joins and charges. The indent isn’t as profound as the pen, so when it’s connected, it just… sticks out, which is franticness, sincerely. It stops the tablet laying level on its back on the off chance that you need to charge it, and it’s effectively knocked off.

There are cases planned in view of obliging the pen, which help to fathom both of these, however we need to state that the iPad Pro’s arrangement of appending the Apple Pencil to the tablet’s edge is greatly improved.


The showcase is a 2560×1600 AMOLED board, and it’s a genuine looker – HDR10+ bolster makes true to life video look delightful, and photographs look beautiful on it, on account of the astounding difference gave by OLED.

As a media tablet, this is certainly an extraordinary choice, particularly when you factor in the noteworthy speakers, which are boisterous, clear, and give strong stereo partition when it’s square before you. (There’s no earphone jack here, by chance – like the iPad Pro, there’s only a USB-C port. On these as far as anyone knows genius centered tablets, that is a poor choice.)

For films, the Tab S6 unquestionably has an edge over the iPad Pro, yet it needs two or three different territories: it can’t go as splendid, it doesn’t have Apple’s simpler on-the-eyes True Tone tech (you’ll see a blue tint to whites on the Tab S6’s screen when utilizing it in warm home light), and it doesn’t have the 120Hz revive rate.

The last is most recognizable when you’re utilizing the S Pen stylus. The iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is as responsive as drawing devices get, however there’s reasonable (however little) slack when drawing with the S Pen. In case you’re note taking, it is anything but an issue by any stretch of the imagination; for drawing, it’s somewhat more disappointing.

All things considered, the S Pen’s precision is perfect, since you get a little spot on screen demonstrating where you’re going to press, so completing a line you’ve just begun is immaculate.

The S Pen’s little nib feels very delicate when you’re drawing on the screen, which isn’t absolutely perfect for input (particularly since there’s a smidge of slack), yet it’s not so much an issue. Then again, the Apple Pencil has a very hard tip, and we don’t adore how solidly it taps the screen when you use it, so some may incline toward this in any case (it’s surely calmer).

The S Pen is littler than Apple Pencil, which is useful for conveyability, however less for ergonomics – it again pushes us towards saying this is useful for blasts of note-taking, yet less for long creativity sessions.

The S Pen is incorporated into the working framework truly well, by means of Samsung’s One UI, with simple approaches to take and comment on screen shots, and (splendidly) to catch a zone of the screen and duplicate out any content unmistakable in it utilizing character acknowledgment.

It truly feels like it’s everything been thoroughly considered, and however at first it appears to be a marginally overpowering arrangement of alternatives, you rapidly become accustomed to what the conceivable outcomes are.

The S Pen likewise has ‘Air Gestures’, which let you use it for looking through things or changing the volume with motions. It’s a bit much as an element. Utilizing the S Pen as a remote trigger for photographs is increasingly valuable, however with the standard proviso that you’re presumably not taking that many selfies on your tablet, truly.


There’s heaps of intensity on offer in the Tab S6 – we’ve yet to make it battle utilizing an application for drawing or altering or anything like that. It does some of the time skip marginally when looking over however a long page, yet it doesn’t in reality moderate – it’s only a judder in the activity.

Regardless of there unmistakably being capacity to save, profitability is as yet the Tab S6’s hindrance contrasted with an iPad – any current iPad, truly, not simply the ace.

The split-see performing various tasks functions admirably enough, yet doesn’t have the additional contacts that make the comparable choices work better on iPad – you can only with significant effort simplified things among applications, and you can’t open numerous windows of the equivalent application, for instance. The last is another component to have on iPad, yet it’s one we fussed about missing there, however that is currently been fixed, abandoning Samsung further.

It doesn’t help that the One UI interface feels particularly made for telephones – in the performing various tasks see, where you can pick what applications you need unmistakable on screen, tapping an application’s symbol gives you ways you can open that application – split-screen or fly out window – alongside some different alternatives, yet just 50% of the rundown is obvious, in spite of the huge tablet screen, and there’s very little on sign that there are more to discover. The rundown itself is an incredible method for getting things done, however its execution is a cumbersome waste.

Talking about the fly out windows, we saw them a piece fiddly as to a great extent valuable. Samsung features the capacity to utilize a drifting window of a notes application over a video, so you could make notes while watching something – this is certainly a decent choice to have. In any case, else, they simply feel like a lot bother to merit utilizing intensely. Possibly you’ll cherish them if start utilizing them normally, however they didn’t arrive with us.

The work area DeX mode keeps on being a fascinating choice that still feels too specialty – on the off chance that you need a workstation that transforms into a work area, Microsoft is your better wagered, particularly since there’s no doubt of application support there.

There’s an under-screen finger peruser for opening, which works truly well – we incline toward unique mark scanners to the Face ID of the iPad Pro, since they work at all the bizarre points you may put a tablet contrasted with what you’re looking like at it.

On the back, you have a double camera arrangement – a 13MP standard camera, in addition to a 5MP ultra-wide cam. There’s likewise a 8MP front aligned cam.

The cameras are… fine. They’re not terrible, they’re not excessively amazing. They’re great at choosing a strong difference run, which lifts things over increasingly essential tablets. There’s no 4K video account, however, which is somewhat of a disgrace.

Battery life is genuinely strong being used – as ever, it relies upon what you’re doing, however 10 hours of work is effectively accomplished. The main little issue was that it dropsed battery in reserve more rapidly than we’d like on certain days, however not others. We unquestionably didn’t think that its dead medium-term or anything like that regardless, however.


Nothing unexpected, the Tab S6 is a great tablet. It’s pleasantly planned, it has an exquisite screen and speakers, and the way that it accompanies a stylus makes it great worth. It makes for a magnificent games or media gadget on account of that screen, yet it’s genuinely costly for that – you may be in an ideal situation taking a gander at a more established Samsung tablet for a deal.

The Tab S6’s concern is that Apple crushes it on the two sides: it’s less expensive than an iPad Pro, yet not exactly as cutting edge for efficiency, doesn’t have the bigger screen alternative, and the pen is a little laggier.

In any case, the iPad Air effectively coordinates it for power and size, likewise offers greater profitability includes, and is really less expensive, in any event, when you shell out for an Apple Pencil.

For a great many people searching for a tablet for work, we’d in any case suggest those, particularly since Apple’s App Store has a more extensive, further developed arrangement of ace applications.

Yet, there’s bounty that Android does that iOS won’t, and no deficiency of great applications in the Play Store, so if it’s an Android efficiency tablet you need, this is the best yet.

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